Current Issue: Diogenes, 2019 / Volume 27 / Issue 1

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Study and Practice
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Philosophy of Volunteer Work
Krasimira Yonkova
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On the Problem of Human Consciousness: from Facts to Theoretical Speculations
Alexander Voznyuk Manol Manolov
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Criteria for Psychological Health of a Professional
Evgenia Zhuravleva Yulia Gudimenko
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Professional Health of Professionals Helping Professions
Lyudmila Stanovova Svetlana Dobrosmyslova
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Psychological Determinants of Occupational Health of the Subject of Labour
Evgenia Zhuravleva Yulia Gudimenko
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“Vicarious Trauma” Phenomen in the Psychotherapeutic Practice
Rumyana Krumova-Pesheva
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Teachers Professional Development through Active Teachers Approach
Mariyana Georgieva
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Formation of Psychological Competence of the Educational Subjects
Valentina Gorshkova
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Social Conditions of Mental Development
Teodora Bedrozova-Petrova
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Social Adaptation and Deviant Behavior
Doroteya Duneva
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Influence of Meditation Practices over Social Connectedness
Hristina Telefonska
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As Neverending Story. An Inquiry into the Influence of the Fairy Tale
Zlatinka Georgieva
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