Current Issue: Diogenes, 2018 / Volume 26 / Issue 1

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Psychology of personal security
Deyan Hadzhiyski
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Developmental tasks through life cycle
Vanya Hristova
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Group identity as dynamic structure of the person: transformation and crisis
Viktoriya Kovalenko Ludmila Smokova
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Personal dispositions for asocial behavior in adolescents
Doroteya Duneva
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Timeline of Psychopathology: A South African perspective
Aygul Mehmedova
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Psychoanalytical psychotherapy of patients with organ transplantation
Rumyana Krumova-Pesheva
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Structural analysis of model constructs for socio disciplines teacher’s self-presentation
Anatoly Kononenko Oksana Kononenko
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Decision making in the digital world: Does watching video or reading text affect accuracy?
Daniela Adonova Ivan Aleksandrov Yasen Yanev
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Communicate and redationships in adolescence
Magdalena Mihaylova
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