Guidelines for authors

  1. Technical requirements for manuscripts

The following technical requirements are currently accepted and announced for the Diogenes thematic book. They are subject to change in which case they will be announced shortly.

General instructions for manuscripts



The manuscript should be written in grammatically sound language with no major spelling and punctual mistakes

The author’s name, affiliation and address as well as the title should be presented in English in a separate file named : Title_bio


Every manuscript must have an abstract in English with maximum length: 120 words. The maximum length for the article is 20 standard pages with normal margins.


Deadline for submissions: 01.04.


Technical Requirements


Manuscripts must be submitted in Microsoft Word or Pdf format

Font: Times New Roman, size: 14 points,

Paragraph: 1, 5 lines spacing

Manuscript length: 20 pages


Reference and citing


Quotations in text must be given with reference in brackets: author family name, year, and page. Full references are arranged at the end of the paper. References in footnotes are in Times New Roman, size: 10 points.


Example quotations:

“Quote, quote, quote, quote.” (Ivanov 2000, 35)


Examples references



Beckner, Morton. 1959. The Biological Way of Thought. New York: Columbia University Press



Cummins, Robert C. 1975. „Functional Analysis“. The Journal of Philosophy, 72 (November): 741-765

The manuscripts, that do not meet these requirements will be returned to authors for correction, until do deadline for submissions is over. After that they will not be considered for publishing.