Еthical rules





1.   The editors did not publish material aimed at undermining the reputation of other authors, contributors or individuals, as well as institutions.

2. The editors articles in volume 8 pages, size 14 pt (30 lines per page, 60 characters row), with a summary of 5-8 lines in English and key words (also in English). Bibliographical list except Bulgarian taken with transliteration in Latin. The bibliography to the articles should not exceed 20 source, no additional notes.

3. The illustrations are accepted on jpeg format (no more than 3 of an author's text).

4. Scientific reports, reviews and feedback are accepted for up to 5 pages (14 pt, with the same standards and requirements for transliteration of bibliographic list when sources are in Bulgarian).

5. Not paid royalties to the authors and the Editorial Board of the magazine.

6. The authors obtained original copy of the relevant publication.

7. Last anniversaries are presented in electronic form in PDF format on the website of State University of  Library Studies and Information Technology –Sofia.