“The Enigmatic Nobel Prize Winner“ – Even in Hands of the Bulgarian Readers (the Monograph of prof. Lachezar Georgiev Georgiev phd Presents the Writer José Saramago in Bulgaria)

Stela Valerieva


In this article, Stella Valerieva Georgieva, Phd, makes an analysis of the book of Prof. Lachezar Georgiev Georgiev PhD The enigmatic Nobel Prize Winner : The writer José Saramago in Bulgaria (Sofia: Publishing House AN-DI, 2017). Monograph of prof. Lachezar Georgiev Georgiev, PhD: “The enigmatic Nobel Prize winner” (The writer José Saramago in Bulgaria) represents creativity and translated books of the great Portuguese writer and Nobel prize for literature in 1998 José Saramago. The book includes a preface, six chapters and a conclusion. The book also includes summaries in English and Portuguese. Published are many photographs, most of which are made by prof. Lachezar Georgiev. The monograph used personal observations and studies prof. Lachezar Georgiev from his visits in Lisbon, the Portuguese National Library (Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal) and the permanent exposition of the Fundação „José Saramago” in Casa dos Bicos – Lisbon. In the first chapter “José Saramago in Portugal” is considered the work of the writer and publishing initiatives of the Foundation José Saramago – Lisbon, the heirs of the writer and Portuguese publishers to publish its copyright books, mostly after his death in 2010. Chapter Two “The person of José Saramago. Entering the writer in the publishing world and its formation as a writer” said creative development of the writer and direction of his versatile talent, and his first significant success and awards for literature. In the third chapter “The writer José Saramago in Bulgaria: First significant translations and editions“ presented the novels Recollections of the monastery and All names and provide information about their Bulgarian editions. Chapter Four “The novel The gospel of Jesus Christ in Bulgaria“ analyze the ideas, details, symbols and leitmotifs of the famous and debated fictional work of José Saramagu. Discusses publishing offerings to promote the works of prominent Portuguese writer in the country. Chapter Five “The novel Blindness and its Bulgarian Edition” focuses on the compositional specifics, symbolism and imagery of the acquired global popularity and filmed work of the writer. Chapter Six “Three novels mysterious Nobel in just three years” analyzes the Bulgarian editions of the novels of José Saramago The elephant’s jurney [A viagem do elefante], Wiewing [Ensaio sobre a Lucidez] and The Shooters of Death [As Intermitências da Morte], with critical commentary for these works. At the end of his research prof. Lachezar Georgiev gives final words, conclusions and assessments. The book cited a large number of foreign and Bulgarian sources. At the end of the book is a bibliography of Bulgarian and foreign publications.


Monograph of prof. Lachezar Georgiev Georgiev; The enigmatic Nobel Prize winner; the writer José Saramago in Bulgaria; book publishing; publishing house; edition; critical commentary; publishing initiatives; Foundation José Saramago – Lisbon; Casa dos Bicos – Lisbon; Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal


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