For Management And Diversification In The Sphere Of Book Publishing Activities

Lachezar Georgiev


This article by Prof. Lachezar Georgiev Georgiev, PhD, discusses important issues related to the contemporary management of publishing processes. The article reviews the management in the field of Bulgarian and European book publishing. Modern publisher budget management strategies are explored and focus on preparing the sales plan. The paper outlines the role of the publishing manager and the publishing company’s efficient management teams. In his study Prof. Lachezar Georgiev, PhD, also looks at the specificity of forming a thematic and graphical concept of modern publishing - an important part of the mechanism for successful publishing structure management. Emphasis is placed on the relationship between publishing management, taxes and profits.


modern management of processes in book publishing; publishing house; publishing company management, graphic and thematic concept; effective management; publishing business; budget; sales plan; prices; taxes; profit


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