Fake News in Corporate Communication

Khristina Khristova


The paper examines the impact of fake news on the relationship between companies and their strategic audiences. The text is structured into two parts. The focus in the first part is on the structure of corporate communications and the model of successful corporate policy presented as a projection of the idea of the business of trust. The second part highlights the main aspects of the development of the cosmetic giant „L’Oreal”, which has preserved its image as a strong brand and an ethical company in the conditions of hypercompetitiveness and fake news. The study is based on Van Rieland Fombrun’s theory of corporate communications as a polyfunctional concept and on Kotler’s idea of market-oriented strategic planning, providing an advantage to firms in situations of risk and dynamic social transformations.


corporate communications, fake news, corporate culture, company values, stakeholders, L’Oreal.


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