Еthical rules

Ethics rules

Concerning work of Social-еconomic Аnalyses journal


            The present Ethics rules are applicable between the editors of Social-economic Analyses and the journal’s authors as well as between the editors and the reviewers that have to analyze defined for publication papers. The purpose of these rules is to guarantee following of high ethical standards, implemented both in the national science environment and the international science society.  The editorial department of Social-economic Analyses journal demands from its authors scientific works that:

·     Are single works of their representing authors

·     Are written with respect to the scientific achievements of the quoted authors

·     Are presented for publishing in accordance with the standards accepted in Social-economic Analyses journal concerning quotes that are an annex to these Ethics rules.

·     In cases when co-authorship represents the contribution and the responsibilities of each author for the conclusions in that work.

·     Are not published elsewhere, except in foreign scientific editions and in a foreign language.

·     Are represented for publishing with an author’s letter where it is declared that this work is in correspondence with the requirements of these Ethics rules. 

·     It is not allowed the assessment of the characteristics of presented for publishing work to be done by a member of the editorial council who has not signed a declaration for lack of conflict of interests with that author and that is not prejudiced to the scientific assets of the author.

            The editorial department will not publish works that:

·    Contain attacks or disrespect to work of other authors. The disputes should contain  scientific arguments and to be adhered to the highest standard of keeping the authors’ authority of the criticized scientific theses.

·    In deviation of scientific conscientiousness principle clearly represent biased  political views

·     Are in deviation both with their conclusions and their tone from the basic values of the Bulgarian Constitution low.

The editorial council of the Social-economic Analyzes journal has decided specific requirements to be applied for accepting articles, studies and scientific messages for edition in Social-economic Analyzes journal (including its electronic version), as of  01.01.2016  

            The authors of Social-economic Analyzes journal are responsible for the originality and scientific contributions of their publications..

            If violations of these Ethics rules are found on behalf of the editor or if the editor finds that the presented work does not cover the basic standards of scientific contribution, the case is brought to the attention of the editorial council. The publication is brought back to the author with marking the violations or findings defined. The author has an objection right, that is to be discussed by the editorial council and after that pronounces its final decision. If it is necessary or in case of dispute in the editorial department, the chief editor has the right to choose reviewers for giving additional opinion both about the originality and the scientific value of the publication. The editorial department does not give to third parties information about rejected works, despite of the reason for being rejected.

            Each author has the right to withdraw himself the work that is to be published not later than the beginning of prepress preparation. 

            The editorial council puts to debate all the signals of violation of these Ethics rules in published articles. The author is invited to put down his arguments. If the editorial council appraises that a work in violation of these Ethics rules has been published, it apologizes to the readers in the next edition of the journal.

            These Ethics rules are in agreement with the members of the editorial council of Social-economic Analyzes journal.