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Pedagogical Almanac, 2002 / Volume 10 / Issue 2

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Professor Ph. D Marin Lulushev - the Scolar and the Pedagogue
Stoyan Dolapchiev

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Continuing Education - Content, Problems, Perspectives
Zhivko Karapentchev

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The Uninterrupted Education and the School in the Age of Information
Margarita Kemalova

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Some Preconditions of Conditions Education in the Preschool
Veselina Petrova

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Current Dimentions of the Idea for Continuous Education
Galya Boneva

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About Some Problems in Contemporary Orthoepy Teaching
Daniela Yordanova

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Outdoors Activities - Education and Training in Action
Svetla Pencheva

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Environmental Education in Homeland in First Grade
Aneliya Todorova

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Team Work of Continuous Education
Mariana Mandeva Antoniya Krasteva

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Physical Exercise in Human Ontogenesis
Hristo Dimanov

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Luben Karavelov for the Continuing Education
Violeta Atanasova

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Dimitar Katsarov and the Idea of Continuous Education
Venka Kouteva-Tsvetkova

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Forming Students'Historical Concepts when Teaching Native Land Knowledge
Petranka Shubekova

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Concept Formation of National and European Cultural Traditions
Tanya Cholakova

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Some Historical Aspects of Ballet Education in Bulgaria
Theodor Popov

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The Problems of Education of Older Adults
Ivan Ivanov

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Practical Problems in Teaching Mathematics in Primary School
Margarita Varbanova

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Credition of Moral Values in the Students of 7th Grade
Boyanka Dimitrova

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Physics Teaching and Formation of Scientific Ideology
Agripina Georgieva

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Classroom Studies "In Search of Columbus"
Petya Subeva

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Stimulating Students'Active Learning and Critical Thinking
Stela Dermendzhieva

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The Object-oriented Approach to Data Structures Learning
Elka Trifonova

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Tendencies in the Educational Mission of Contemporary Media Space
Iva Shishkova

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Computem Mathematical Systems in the Long-Life education
Tihomir Trifonov

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The Challenges of the Transition: from Education for Anyone to Education for Everyone
Rosaliya Kuzmanova-Kartalova

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Distance Learning - a New Technological Approach in Organizing
Mariana Petrova

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Lifelong Education - Reality and Necessity
Dimitar Pavlov Iliana Petkov

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Professional Roles of Teacher in the Educational Process
Siyka Popova

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The Programme "Step by Step" - Education of XXI Century
Radka Peneva Desislava Dyankova

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Permanent Education - Problems and Solution
Yanka Totseva

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Health Education - Personal and Socially Significant Problem
Penka Todorova

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