Bulgaria, the Bulgarians and Europe - Myth, History, Modernity

Bulgaria, the Bulgarians and Europe - Myth, History, Modernity, 2013 / Volume 6 / Issue 1

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Crosses-Encolpias from Regional Historical Museum Vratsa
Aleksandra Petrova
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Iphicrates – the Reformer-strategist
Zhivko Zhekov
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Hermits, Monks and Reformers in Medieval Europe: East–West Parallels
Ivan Hristov Ivelin Ivanov
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The World of a Byzantine Dignitary of the 15th Century
Momchil Mladenov
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The Jewish Community in Nikopol and Pleven – an Attempt for Comparative Study
Krassimira Mutafova Mladen Vasilev
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The Commanders of the Eastern Romelia’s Militia
Anton Donchev
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Bulgarian Artists and Journalilists in World War I
Nadejda Lisitsina
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Tradition and Inovation during the first Serbian Uprising, 1804–1813
Mariyana Jovevska
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Salazar’s iberian neutrality Pact in World War II
Yordan Mitev
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Landscape-geophisical Characteristics of the Balgarka natural Park
Galin Petrov Mariya Petrova
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Geography Lesson as Strategic Construct
Stela Dermendzhieva Petya Sabeva
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South Caucasus in the Euraian Geopolitical Map
Plamen Parashkevov
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Spatial Aspects in functional analysis of regional Communities
Dimitar Simeonov
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