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За семейството през ХIII в.: съветите на Егидий Римски към владетели и граждани в De regimine principum

Надежда Христова Великотърновски университет „Св. св. Кирил и Методий“, България

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In this article, texts from the first two parts of Book II of the work by Aegidius Romanus (1243–1316) De regimine principum are analyzed. In these texts, different topics are commented by the medieval author as for example the role of the family in human history, the relations between marriage partners, the upbringing and education of children, etc. Aegidius’ views about the relations husband – wife and parents – children except on the official Christian doctrine were probably based also on the convictions of the influential ruling top of the Italian towns, which included representatives of the landed aristocracy as well as well-to-do merchants and craftsmen. That is why although addressed to a future monarch (Philip the Fourth the Fair), De regimine definitely was orientated to the townspeople too. In conformity with the tasks that the medieval author has set himself, it is offered in the book a version of the church conception of the Christian family more comprehensible for laymen as well as practical advice for men readers on what is the nature of women, how to find worthy wives and how to treat them, how to bring up children. Though De regimine principum is a work written by a high-ranking clergyman who proceeded from the principles of Christian morals and the official church conception of the family, Aegidius has not fallen into the extreme misogyny, which characterizes other medieval works entirely subjected to concepts typical of part of the church circles and the society and rationalized in the light of natural philosophy and theology. Aegidius has tried his best to be as objective as possible in presenting the relations between a husband and a wife and to be helpful to parents for the upbringing and education of their children.

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medieval family, husband, wife, children’s upbringing, children’s education, family relations, family hierarchy.


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