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Каменен епистил от иконостас на неизвестна църква на крепостта Царевец във Велико Търново

Диана Косева

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Publications about stone iconostasis partitions from the Second Bulgarian Kingdom are relatively small amount. Among the more complete monuments from Tarnovo, which survived to present days, stands a part of epistyle found on Tsarevets. It represents a double arcade with complete inner face. Between the two arches there is an incised cross, the shoulders of which are filled with parallel engraved lines. From the foot of the cross there is a carved floral decoration relating the image to the also known as “bloomed cross”. On the bottom of one of arched niches are carved three shallow circular holes for attaching a stone relief. On the last arch on the left is engraved discreet small sign with the name “I Gago,” which seems to be from the craftsman who has made the iconostasis. The simple decoration, material (limestone) and paleography of the inscription on it categorically testify that in this case it comes to epistyle of the prosthetist from templona of the nave and two domed church which dating is probably around the 14th century. This seems to be one of the last examples in the old capital city of Tarnovo, for use of stone reliefs before the wood to replace stone (marble) as a material for making the iconostasis.

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Second Bulgarian kingdom, Tarnovo, sculpture, architectural decoration.


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