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Търговище (Ески Джумая) и Омуртаг (Осман пазар) във френските и белгийските консулски доклади през 50-те – 80-те години на XIX в.

Иван Русев

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The paper presents French and Belgian consular reports and publications with information about Eski Djumaya (presently named Targocishte) and Osman pazar (presently named Omurtag) from the 1850s to the 1880s. There are thirteen texts with data about these two settlements during the mentioned period, published in ten different books and manuscripts. All texts are in French language and their translations here are accompanied with the necessary comments and the comparisons with publications from the same time. The French and Belgian diplomatic sources contain information about the most important events and processes in the area: description of the fair of Eski Djumaya (this is the main topic); of the two settlements and their districts – the two kazas; of the natural resources – forests, rock-salt, and rivers; of the local productions – manufacturing of homespun, pottery-making, and others crafts; of trade and trade roads; of relations with Black Sea ports; of demographic processes – the migration of Tartars after the Crimean war (1853–1856), the emigration of Turkish population from Bulgaria to Ottoman empire after the Liberation, etc.

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French and Belgian consular reports, Eski Djumaya(Targocishte), Osman pazar (Omurtag).


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