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Организация и дейност на съюза на Евангелските Баптистки църкви в навечерието и по време на войните за национално обединение (1908–1919)

Росица Ангелова

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Baptism as a religious doctrine came to Bulgarian lands in the second half of the 19th century. It, along with other protestant branches focused on it religious preaching, educational and philanthropic work. The first steps of Baptist missionaries on Bulgarian lands, then part of the Ottoman Empire were connected with the work of both Biblical societies – The American Biblical Society and The British and Foreign Biblical Society. Their activity, along with the Baptist Russian immigrants, who settled in North Dobrudzha contributed for the forming of the first Baptist societies and later churches in Bulgaria. For almost 25 years Baptists have had no unitary statute, organization and structure. In the beginning of the 20th century the creation of a centralized structure with administration and unitary principles began. It was during the wars for national union when the Baptist union was forming and it is the main topic this research is about.

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Baptism, Church, Bulgaria, Protestant, Union, Evangelical.


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