Годишник на Историческия факултет

Пелтастите в „Анабазиса” на Ксенофонт

Живко Жеков

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The problem of time, causes, and ways of penetrating peltasts into Hellenic militaries continues to raise more questions than answers. The analysis of the historical composition of Xenophon “Anabasis” provides an opportunity to explore the role of the peltasts in the Hoplite troops and the reasons for their recruitment by the Hellenic strategoi. Describing the march of the Hellenic mercenaries recruited by the Persian contender for the throne, Cyrus Young, the Athenian historian details the military operations, in which they participate, and in this connection details the role of the peltasts in them. The analysis of these battles makes it possible to shed more light on the reasons why the Hellenic strategoi are forced to recruit peltasts in their troops. The march of the “Ten Thousands” shows that the peltasts are extremely necessary and even invaluable to the hoplites in mountainous conditions and in the cases in which the opponent has military contingents similar to the peltasts. This military campaign demonstrates to us, undoubtedly, the increased significance of the peltasts in the armies of the hoplites.

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Xenophon, Anabasis, peltasts, hoplites, Ten Thousands, Cyrus Young.


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