Еthical rules

Ethical rules

concerning work of journal “Mathematics, Computer Science and Education, published by the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at ”St. Cyril and St. Methodius” University of Veliko Tarnovo



1. Authorship of the paper

Authorship should be limited to those persons who have contributed significantly to the conception, design, implementation or interpretation of the presented research.


2. Originality and plagiarism

The authors of the journal “Mathematics, Computer Science and Education“ are entirely responsible for the originality and scientific contributions of their publications, as well as for the correct citation of the literature sources referred by them.


3. Multiple or concurrent publication

Each author must certify with a declaration that the proposed paper or its similar version is not and will not be published or submitted for consideration for publication elsewhere – journal, conference proceedings, annuals, etc.


4. Conflicts of interest

Each submitted manuscript to the journal “Mathematics, Computer Science and Education“ should be accompanied with information disclosing all relationships that can be considered as representing a potential conflict of interest.


5. Ethics

Тhe journal “Mathematics, Computer Science and Education“ will not publish materials that contain invectives or disrespectful tone to the research work of other authors and aim to undermine the prestige of individuals and institutions.