Socio-Economic Analysis, 2015 / Vol 7 / Issue 2

Journal Articles

Globalization and The Impoverishment of The Third World
Fouad Shehab
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Prerequisites for Development of Intrapreneurship
Daniela Tsvetkova
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Trends in EU Household Electricity Prices and Costs
Nevena Byanova
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Efficiency Appearance Levels in Pension Insurance Field
Tsvetelina Nenkova
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EU Industrial Policy and Challenges To Bulgarian Industry
Iskra Hristova-Balkanska
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Professional Ethics in Accounting
Mariya Pavlova
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Management Practices – New Trends and Realities
Daniel Marinov Tsvetoslav Gradev
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Young and Successfull – Barriers, Prospects and New Life
Desislava Taneva Dima Ganeva
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For the Authors
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