Current Issue: STUDIA PHILOLOGICA, 2017 / Volume 36 / Issue 2

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A Cognitive Approach to the Nature of Literary Genres
Karolina Dobrosz-Michiewicz
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Festivals in the Development of Cultural Industries
Hristina Hristova
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Media Language and Culture – Facts and Tendencies
Stoyanka Mitseva
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The Symbiosis between PR and Journalism: PR Practitioners’ Point of View (Local Survey Results)
Desislava Andreeva Fani Mazdrashka-Mihova
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Communication Aspects of Medical Discourse
Nadezhda Nikolova
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Metaphor and its Communication Capabilities in Terms of Image Creation
Anna Baraсska-Szmitko
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How Social Media Changed the Radio
Georgi Ignatov
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Translating Texts Containing Programming Code
Stefan Stefanov
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Students’ (Lack of) Motivation to Study
Yanka Koeva
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Developing Strategic Listening to L2 Lectures in Academic Discourse
Silvia Velikova
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The Vlach Lexeme in Slavic Languages
Miloš Makević
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Phrasemes Featuring the Eye Component. Bulgarian-Polish Parallels
Ginoeva Ovcharova
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The Meeting a Wood-Nymph’s Wedding Motif in Oral Folklore Tradition
Tsvetomira Кyurkchieva
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Evgeniya Mars and Ana Karima – Again on Female Writers and Literary Canon
Kichka Kuseva-Persenska
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The Presence of Virgil’s Aeneid in Contemporary Western Literature
Jakub Jurkowski
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Cormac Mccarthy’s The Road and Human Essence
Aleksandar Hristov
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Ut Pictura Poesis: Poetry of Ekphrasis in William Carlos William ‘s Pictures from Brueghel
Наташа Ђ. Трнавац Ћалдовић
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Poets Presidents: Vaclav Havel and Blaga Dimitrova
Weronika Szwedek
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European Idea of Translation from a Bakhtinian Perspective
Agata Mikołajko
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About the Authors
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