Престъпленията против спорта като самостоятелен предмет на нормативна регулация в българското наказателно право

Мирослав Овчаров


The incrimination of the interventions against sport in 2011 fill in a substantial emptiness in Bulgarian penal law. At the same time, however, the current legislative regulation on those offenses raises the question of the relationship between their social significance and subject matter, on the one hand, and the necessity to establish them in separate Chapter 8a of the Criminal code – on the other. Through a comparison and comparative legal analysis with another similar criminal acts, it is appropriate to determine the systematic place of crimes against sport in the crtiminal justice system of Republic of Bulgaria. Namely the critical approach to the examination of this category of interventions as a substantive subject of normative regulation presupposes their assignment to the crimes against public order and public serenity under Chapter 10 of the Criminal code.

Ключови думи:

comparative legal analysis, crimes against sport, criminal code, criminal justice system, current legislation, systematic place.


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