Разпит на обвиняем при разследване на престъпления, свързани с наркотици

Искра Владова-Недкова


The interrogation is one of the most complex investigative actions, given the many psychological aspects that it involves. It is further hampered by the profile of the accused in drug crime investigations, as a person with a criminal experience in the same or different criminal area, with well-motivated procedural behavior whichcan notbe easily influenced. Following research focuses on the procedural and tactical requirements to be considered during the interrogation in the investigation of drug-related crime investigations. The questions as a content of the interrogation in the different investigative situations and the acceptable tactical approaches during the interrogation are formulated in a way to ensure respect of the rights of the accused. Recommendations about how to improve the above mentioned practices have been made to the competent authorities.

Ключови думи:

crimes, drugs, drug crime, investigation, interrogation, procedural requirements, tactical requirements.


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