Юридическият терминологичен неологизъм „джендър“ в Истанбулската конвенция

Росица Динева-Карабаджакова


The article presents a theoretical analysis of the term “gender”, taken from the perspective of the gender theory. The inaccuracies in the meaning of the terms “gender” and “sex”, caused by the translation in Bulgarian, are assessed based on the complexity of their semiosis. The need to introduce the term is justified based on the legal neologism in the Bulgarian terminological legal system, in case of the occurrence of the future ratification of Istanbul Convention.

Ключови думи:

gender, sex, legal neologism, legal language,linguistic expression in law, unclear or inaccurate meaning of the norm, semiosis, semantics, socially sex, socially constructed roles, gender identity, gender-based violence, sexual harassment, domestic violence.


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