Socio-psychological Factors Regulating the Learning Motivation in Foreign Students

Valeria Suslova


This study examined the relationship of learning motivation in foreign students with the process of their socio-cultural adaptation and individual psychological characteristics. The concept of “learning motivation” was clarified and the factors hindering the process of forming the learning motivation in foreign students in the Ukrainian-speaking environment were analysed. It was expected that learning motivation in foreign students has its own specifics and differs from the level and dynamics of this motivation in Ukrainian students. In addition, the author examined the differences in correlations between the learning motivation, level of self-esteem, level of aspirations, acculturation strategies, and the scale of perceived discrimination among the foreign and Ukrainian students. Students of Odessa universities (40 Ukrainian host society members and 34 immigrants to Ukraine) participated in the questionnaire study. The findings revealed that the main learning motives in foreign students include intrapersonal motives and the motives for acquiring knowledge, mastering a profession and getting a diploma. International students are quite susceptible to the influence of assessments by teachers, which can be used to increase their learning motivation.


learning motivation, self-esteem, level of aspirations, acculturation strategies.


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