Съвременен поглед към хайдут Велко Петрович (1780–18.06.1813)

Мариана Йовевска


The paper traces Haiduk Velko Petrovich’s life on many levels: as a hero from the First Serbian Uprising and a handsome man, as a commander of a haiduk’s detachment, a commander of a squad of several thousand horsemen and a husband of two wives, as a participant in the new Serbian administration. His image and the respect that Serbia and Bulgaria had for him are also commented on. His contribution and importance as well as his role in the decisive developments at the beginning of the 20th century as a haiduk with the irreconcilability and riotousness of a free person are pointed out. The paper traces the sources for haiduk Velko, the cultural memory, the way people remembered him and the first publications on him. The author adopts the working hypothesis that the influence of his memories and the stories about his heroic life after 1868 were of great significance for the formation of Levski’s new liberation strategy – preliminary preparation and the assignment of greater importance to the local committees.

Ключови думи:

First Serbian Uprising in 1804-1813, haiduk Velko, heroism, cultural memory, Vasil Levski, Vasil Levski’s strategy for the liberation of Bulgaria.


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