Развитие на търговска фирма “Н. Минчоолу & Е. Селвели и съдружие” и търговията им през ХІХ век

Юмико Хаясака


“Nikola Minchoolu & Evstati Selveli and association” is one of the biggest trading companies in Bulgaria from 1840s’ to 1860s’, the last decades under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. The company was located in Veliko Turnovo and developed by transit trade between Istanbul and Western Europe (Vienna). This article explains about their branches on Bulgarian territory along the Danube, formation of the trading networks and trading skills. They had own “Khan” (Caravansary), a big storehouse and shops in the center of Veliko Turnovo. Nikola Minchoolu also subsidized some constructions and restorations of churches in this city by his own means. He is not only a merchant, but also a politician and a prominent person. It is considered that these investments contributed to the city and supported his social status at the same time.

Ключови думи:

trade, trading networks, policies, charity


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