Култът към св. Ана в Средна Западна България – традиционни практики и съвременно състояние

Мира Маркова Софийски университет „Св. Климент Охридски“, България

Страници: 102-111


The studies of the cult of different Christian saints is part of the major question about people’ s faith, how christianity become a custom of manner of life and about the problems of religiosity during different historical epochs. Some aspects of the cult of St. Anna in Bulgaria have been researched reffering to the place of this cult in local culturies of various smaller and bigger communities but in general this cult is less studied. Definitely in the last years of a constant and difficult transition in Bulgaria, the ordinary man’ s approach to the religion is becoming more and more evident. Local rituals are activated, new myths are produced, the compilation between old and new legens is done. The main goal of this research is to present one of female cults in conection between past and present through the focus of local culture of Central West Bulgaria. Local cultures are dynamics but relatively cloused cultures. In the present day these cultures also have possibility to be in progress. The conection between religion and local culture put a question for discussion about microhistory and this is another aim to the present research.

Ключови думи:

local culture, saint Ana,traditional practices, contemporary status


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