Изображения на змия и змей върху пафти от Северна България (от средата на ХIХ до началото на ХХ в.)

Павлин Чаушев

Страници: 133-148


The purpose of the present scientific announcement is to reveal the evolution of one of the most interesting and rare images on belt buckles from the region of north Bulgaria. This is the image of snake and dragon. This model belt buckles are made mostly from the middle of XIX to early XX century. This objects are made of copper, bronze, most of them are silvered, but also of Argentan, silver and gilded silver. This motive is not so popular, but it is used like decoration, because in Bulgarian folk tradition it has powerful protection forces. In my research I found one very interesting silver belt buckle who has in the center one big dragon and beautiful floral motives. I suppose this belt buckle is made in the region of Veliko Tarnovo or Gabrovo(central north Bulgaria). The decoration of the most belt buckles in this time period is typical for the Orient. In the beginning of XIX century some new elements from Baroque were inspired, but this remains unique Bulgarian model from the XIX century.

Ключови думи:

Belt buckle, Dragon, Snake


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