„Мълчал съм, но ще викам“: Петко Славейков на заточение в Трявна (юли–септември 1881)

Вера Бонева Университет по библиотекознание и информационни технологии – София

Страници: 260-275
DOI: https://doi.org/10.54664/IMCI2915


The article focuses on a short period of Petko Slaveykov’s political and literary biography. The circumstances surrounding his forcible exile in the summer of 1881 have been traced on the basis of letters, literary works, and original archival documents. Observations on the psychological state of an unjustly removed politician from high state positions show his personal maturity and ability to survive in difficult situations. Some of the ideas defended by Petko Slaveykov in the summer of 1881 have been considered from a historical perspective. It has been shown that his judgment of people and events was generally adequate, and that his prediction of a future collapse of the authoritarian princely regime was reasonable. Although temporary removed from political life, Petko Slaveykov maintained his contacts with friends and like-minded people. He was well informed about the course of events in the Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia. The published letter to Prince Alexander I shows his civil courage and faith in liberal ideas. The role of the family in the difficult times of trial and exile is described through letters from his son Ivan. Some of the literary works created by Petko Slaveykov in the summer of 1881 in the ‘prison’ of his own house in the town of Tryavna are also mentioned. The full texts of two unpublished documents are attached – manuscripts by Petko Slaveykov from September 1881.

Ключови думи:

Petko Slaveykov; Principality of Bulgaria; Tarnovo Constitution; Tryavna; exile.


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