Проблеми на устната комуникация

Актуални задачи пред българските езиковеди

Михаил Виденов София, България

Страници: 41-52
DOI: https://doi.org/10.54664/LUJP9970


Over the past 2-3 decades the language situation in Bulgaria has undergone visible changes which call for restructuring of the linguistic community so its members can adequately cover the problems arising in it. However, the research being carried out by the Bulgarian linguists cannot be considered adequate. It is absurd for a linguist to deal with issues which are of interest only to themselves. The social need for analyzing the currently running processes should always come first. It is necessary to get properly acquainted with the specificity of the conversational code used by the Sofia intelligentsia. We cannot ignore the consequences of globalization and just wait for it to pass by. Our society has become very sensitive to issues concerning the internalization of vocabulary. The latter phenomenon certainly hinders communication processes but seems to be inevitable. It is our duty to watch closely the changes in the Bulgarian language of our numerous emigrants. We cannot ignore the mixed language of the Bulgarian Romani communities which contributes to their disintegration as a component of the nation. The Bulgarian linguist should be organized in compliance with the topical linguistic themes and accordingly set up research teams rather than get involved with a section by some other criteria.

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