Analysis of the Dynamics and the Structure of the Employees in the Trade Sector in Bulgaria

Ivan Marinov


Since the beginning of the economic crisis, the employment growth of small and medium-sized enterprises in the trade sector in Bulgaria has been strongly affected. For the period 2008–2016, micro-enterprises accounted for almost half of the employed in the sector. The share of workers in trade in the Southwest region of the country is high, and the outflow of personnel resources from the Northwest and the North Central Region is getting worse over time. In the survey, female jobseekers are more than men, and this tendency is opposed to the development of the gender structure in enterprises from other economic activities.Empirical data on employed persons allocated to businesses in the commerce sector for the period 2008–2016 shows a slight degree of change in their structure on a chain and on a permanent basis. The territorial structure of those employed in the trade for the same period is not very volatile. More significant is the change in the age structure of the employed in the trade within the survey period.


trade, employees, economic crisis, structural changes


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