Women Entrepreneurs in Palestine: Motivations, Challenges and Barriers

Nadine Khalili Nelly Qassas Salwa Barghouthi


In many previous studies home-based businesses were described to be the study point of entrepreneurs especially for female entrepreneur. Women entrepreneurship was more acute in developing countries to solve the unemployment problem and where women were pushed by necessity to improve their economic conditions. Yet Women’s level of optimism and self-confidence in starting a business is highly influenced by the culture and social norms of their native countries, this research will investigate why home-based women entrepreneurs as a social economic phenomenon is increasing in Palestine as a developing country. Entrepreneurship is becoming more important for all people and both genders, nowadays women empowerment has been increasing so rapidly all over the world, women are starting their own business to seek greater control over their personal and professional lives, from this point of view studying women entrepreneurs became important, taking it as seriously aspect for many reasons, some of these reasons are: women entrepreneurs are recognized as an important factor for economic growth, creating employment for themselves and for others, producing new products and services, and increasing investment. Finally, this research discusses different subjects about home-based women entrepreneurs, including: the barriers and challenges women faced when establishing their own business; the characteristics of women entrepreneurs, and a comparison between entrepreneurship and small businesses. An exploratory study is conducted because there isn’t enough data to determine the study population. Data is collected through interviews with a number of women entrepreneurs, the entrepreneurial factors will be described by analyzing the collected data.


Home-based businesses, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship.


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