Socio-Economic Analysis, 2017 / Vol 9 / Issue 1

Journal Articles

Energy Security in Terms of Geothermal Resources in Selected Regions of Poland
Bogdan Cwik Katarzyna Swierszcz
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Key Challenges for the Modern University and Its Management
Bozhidar Bozhinov
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Socio–Tribal ISYL Structure and Popularity
Vladimir Chukov
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Theory of Constrains Application for Tourism Destinations Management
Desislava Varadzhakova
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The Evolution of the Big to Fail Doctrine
Irina Kazandzieva
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Analysis of the Supply of Brands in the Bottled Water Category in Bulgaria
Penka Goranova Steliana Vasileva
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Controlling–Effective Management Technology
Antoniya Kovacheva Yordanka Petkova
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What are the Secrets of Success in Dynamic Environment ?
Sintiya Hristova
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Notes on the contributors
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Table of Content
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