A twelve weeks experimental programme for the improvement of speed in young football players

Ali Mysliu Arjan Hyka Bledar Alterzi Edmond Bicoku Musa Hajderi


A twelve weeks experimental training was carried out with the main focus on the improvement of the biomechanical running parameters and mainly speed during the training sessions in youth football players. The participants in this study were 28 young players aged 15.1 ± 0.3 years (control and experimental groups). We evaluated the speed (50m sprint running test, upright starting position) and the anthropometric parameters (weight and height) which were measured for both groups in the beginning (T1) and at the end (T2) of the experiment. The analysis of the results shows that there is a significant difference (p= 0.03) between the groups in the improvement of speed, which is in favor of the experimental group. The training of athletes should continue gradually and carefully, requiring sufficient time and attention, consistent with the main stages of childhood development.


football, youth sport, speed, experimental training


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