Effectiveness of corrective gymnastics programs for correction of kyphotic poor posture in children at primary school age: an overview

Bojan Jorgic Dimitrinka Tsonkova Miroslav Trajkovic Stefan Dordevic Stefania Belomazheva-Dimitrova


A kyphotic poor posture is one of the most common disorders of posture in the sagittal plane. If nothing is done to resolve this issue, kyphosis may occur as a structural deformity that reduces everyday functioning. In accordance with this, the aim of this paper is to analyze the studies published in the past 10 years, the studies dealing with the effects that various programs of corrective exercise have on the correction of the kyphotic poor posture in children of primary school age. By examining electronic databases, some appropriate papers meeting the necessary criteria have been found. The applied programs of corrective gymnastics lasted from six weeks to three school years. The frequency of training was two to three times a week, and the duration of a single training session lasted from 45 to 60 minutes. The analysis of the results has shown a significant improvement of a condition of the kyphotic poor posture in these children.


kyphosis, kyphotic spine, effect of exercise, back-strengthening exercise, thoracic spine, young children


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