Using the functional movement screen to evaluate physical education students

Anastasiadis Theofylaktos Dancho Pandulchev Svetoslav Stefanov Tsvetanka Dilova-Neykova


Physical education students must perform well the basic movement patterns, in order to be successful teachers and athletes. For identifying potential movement limitations among 52 male physical education students (40 Bulgarian and 12 Greek), we use Functional Movement Screen (FMS) as an effective reliable test battery for measurement and assessment of the basic functional movement patterns. We find that 65% of the students have movement asymmetry, which is the primary reason for the inadequate tests scores and total mean scores. The combined total mean FMS score is 16.58 ± 1.94. We recommend corrective exercises for overcoming movement asymmetry and improvement of limited test movement patterns


physical education students, Functional Movement Screen (FMS), movement patterns


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