Bulgaria, the Bulgarians and Europe - Myth, History, Modernity

Bulgaria, the Bulgarians and Europe - Myth, History, Modernity, 2009 / Volume 3 / Issue 1

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The Leaders of the Bulgarian Revival and Their Inheritors
Hristo Glushkov
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The Athenian Boule
Stella Moneva
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Hetairoi and Pedzetairoi uo to 359 BC — Myth or Reality
Zhivko Zhekov
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Ivan Todorov
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The Ancient history of the bulgarian lands in “History and Civilization” student`s book
Dimitrina Aleksandrova Oleg Aleksandrov
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The Bulgarians and the Avar Chaganate, 6th–9th c. A.D.
Georgios Kardaras
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Ivailo and Nogay (On Bulgarian-Tatar Relations from 1277 to 1280)
Plamen Pavlov
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Bulgarian Church and the Union of Lyon of 1274
Momchil Mladenov
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Sieges in the Gothic Manuscripts from 13th–15th Centuries
Ivelin Ivanov
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On the Theological Aspects that underpin Sunni Fundamental Islam
Wassam Farag
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The Portugal Church under Salazar’s Rule (1928–1968)
Yordan Mitev
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The Organized Crime
Emil Stoynov
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Main Trends of the Bulgarian Cross-Border Cooperation
Plamen Parashkevov
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Wine Tourism: Essence and Main Forms of Manifestation
Ivan Markov
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Enlarge the Limits of the Tourism in Veliko Turnovo to the West of the Yantra Valley
Mariya Petrova Nikola Todorov
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The Danube „ Our” Historical-geographical Cultural Border?
Krassimira Mutafova Stela Dermendzhieva
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The Role of Geography in Studying Ethnic Communities
Maria Ivanova
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Aspects of Geographical Study on Unfavorable Social Conditions
Rumen Yankov
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Aspects of the Demographic Processes in Bulgaria after 1989
Dimitar Simeonov
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East Timor Political and Geographical Characteristics
Slavi Dimitrov
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Project-based Learning of Geography and Economics
Boynka Dimitrova Stela Dermendzhieva
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The Gothic Cultural Presence in Late Antique Egypt
Karim Abdelghani
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