Частните войни в кралство Франция при първите Капетинги (Х – ХII век): генезис и общи характеристики

Ивелин Иванов Великотърновски университет „Св. св. Кирил и Методий“, България

Страници: 105-118


The article considers the issue of the reasons and consequences of the so called private wars or feuds the in French Kingdom during the rule of the first Capetian kings (987–1137). At the middle of 9th century the Empire of Charles the Great fell into a deep political disintegration which led to the beginning of three new independent political formations. One of them, firstly known as Francia occidentalis (later Francia), was a land of permanent private wars which ravaged the agricultural basis of feudal and church estates and cut the number of population: free peasants, serfs, monks and other laymen or churchmen. Why did feuds become so widespread and permanent during the period after the treaty of Verdune in 843 A.C. and especially in 10th and 11th c. ? How did the building new fortifications (castles) which started from the end of 10th century affect internal peace and private wars in French territories? Which were the main characteristics of the feuds in Francia occidentalis during the rule of the first Capetian kings? Haw important was their effect to the economical, political and social situation in Francia? The current article attempts to give answers to these questions based on the written sources of the period and the works of historians.

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