Св. Лаврентий – една хипотеза

Димо Чешмеджиев Пловдивски университет „Паисий Хилендарски“, България

Страници: 69-78


The paper discusses the incidental appearance of the disciple of Cyril and Methodius, Lawrence, in the sources. He is mentioned in only one early source – the Long Life of Clement of Ochrid by Theophylact of Ochrid (end of XI th – beginning of XII th c.), which is the reason why there appeared opinions that such a disciple of Cyril and Methodius had not existed and that his name appeared in the source in a different way. The author of the paper argues that the occurrence is probably due to the previously famous Christian saint St. Lawrence of Rome (San Lorenzo, who was well-known in the Western and Eastern Churches. It is quite possible that he was interpolated by Theophylact of Ochrid under the influence of the so-called Liturgy of St. Peter where, after the enumeration of the apostles, after the name of St. Clement (of Rome), there always appears the name of St. Lawrence (of Rome). The author vindicates the view, according to some authors, that the Liturgy of St. Peter appeared in connection with the missionary activities of Cyril and Methodius, while others consider it to be translated by Clement of Ochrid. In any case it had been well-know in the third part of the Bulgarian Kingdom (present day Macedonia) both in its Greek and Bulgarian translations which gives us grounds to consider the interpolations of the name of St. Lawrence in the Long Life of St. Clement highly probable

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