Градоустройствен и архитектурен облик на град Плевен през ХV–ХVIII век

Младен Василев


This topic focuses on some facts about the existence and development of the town of Pleven in the period between 15th and 18th centuries that are little known and unpublished so far. The appearance of the town and its urban space is a demonstration of the allotment between the three main ethno-confessional communities – Eastern Orthodox, Muslim and Jewish. The article focuses on the discovery of the remains of St. Georgi monastery in Kaylaka Park near Pleven which was destroyed by the Ottomans in the late 18th century and the yet undiscovered exact location of St. Nikolay Mirlikiiski in the Ottoman Pleven Municipality.

Ключови думи:

monasteries, St. Georgi, St. Nikolay Mirlikiiski, Kaylaka, Pleven, ethno-confessional communities.


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