Институционалните механизми като регулатор в сферата на монументалните изкуства през социалистическия период

Анелия Александрова


Numerous State Institutions have established a National programme for new advance in the development of Bulgarian Architecture and Art Synthesis until 1990. In that programme, some particular measures for the realization of certain institutional requirements have been set up. A uniform art policy has been implemented for the construction of architectural sites, for the formation of architectural environment and accomplishment of art synthesis, as well as for the establishment of the look of towns and villages. For the accomplishment of Art Synthesis, a complete system has been established for planning, funding and conducting creative cooperation between architects and artists in producing pieces of Art tightly related to the architectural environment. That leads to a complete policy in ordering and producing Monumental Art works. Through the means of Art Synthesis the ideological and educational task of Muralmonumental Arts is completed and the artistic taste of man is shaped up. All those mechanisms for producing Monumental Art works during the Socialism period are aimed at the accomplishment of pieces of Art of high aesthetic and emphatic ideological impact in architectural environment.

Ключови думи:

Monumental Art, Art Synthesis, Union of Bulgarian Artists, Union of Architects in Bulgaria, Socialism period


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