Метаморфози на паметта за социализма

Илияна Марчева


After November 10 1989 scientific and public interest in memories in Bulgaria and throughout Eastern Europe grew tremendously. A lot of memories were published and only in the National Library from 1990 to 2006 their number exceeds 980 titles. Analyzing these memories one can form two large groups of people with different memory about socialism. On the one hand, that is the group of anticommunist minded people, and on the other hand – there is the group of people who appreciate socialism as a positive time for themselves and for society as a whole. For the sake of the conference topic special attention is paid on the metamorphoses of the memory of representatives of the intellectual circles of the former cultural elite which best represent this group. Their books show how the memory explains their life under communism without losing their status of intellectuals.

Ключови думи:

memory, communism, intellectuals, remembering


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