За групата анархисти-емигранти, действала в района на с. Павел баня, Казанлъшко, през 1953–1954 г. (по документи от ДА – В. Търново)

Лора Дончева Великотърновски университет „Св. св. Кирил и Методий“, България

Страници: 83-104


Important place in modern historiography takes the issue of political repression and forms of resistance against the imposed communist regime in Bulgaria in the period of 1944-mid-50s of the twentieth century. The problem studied in this report focuses on participants in the group of anarchists – immigrants, acted in the region of Pavel banya, Kazanlak, at the end of 1953- the spring of 1954. The statement, based on the studies in CA-V. Tarnovo documents attempts to clarify the reasons which prompted the three anarchists (Hristo Nestorov, Doncho Karaivanov, Miliu Ivanov) to take risky action for the return to Bulgaria to participate in the resistance against the regime, to reveal new details concerning the organization missionto be presented perspective of the only survivor (D. Karaivanov) for reasons for the failure of the case started. The information in accessible documents give reason to conclude that the lack of consistent, of clear and decisive position of emigrant union to actively participate in the fight against communist rule in Bulgaria is the catalyst that accelerates the decision of three of them to explore other possibilities for the realization of the goal – return to the country and organizing a common resistance against the existing communist regime. The absence of objective information about the situation in Bulgaria among immigrants, and theweaknesses and gaps in the organization of return anarchists determine the failure of the group.

Ключови думи:

Union of Bulgarian powerless people abroad; Bulgarian political emigrants; anarchists; anti-communist resistance


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