К постановке вопроса о роли и значении трудов современных болгарских ученых в кипчаковедении

Н. Кузембаев


The article discusses Bulgarian scholars who contributed a lot to the development of the research on Kipchak tribes. Scholarly interest towards the Cumans in Bulgarian historiography is based on the fact that the Cuman brothers Peter and Assen established the Second Bulgarian kingdom after the suspension of the Byzantine occupation which led the Cumans to settle down in the country, thus becoming an integral part of the Bulgarian people. Bulgarian scholars focused on various problems of historiography, role of the Cumans in the history of Bulgaria, Kievan Rus and the Byzantine Empire, historical developments in the Balkans during the Mongol invasion, and Cuman onomastics.

Ключови думи:

Cumans, Kipchak tribes, development, Second Bulgarian kingdom


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