Руски планове за очертаване на границите на Санстефанска България на самия терен

Драгомир Йорданов


The article deals with a rather poorly researched topic related to Russian plans for establishing a Russian-Turkish delimitation commission, which must had outlined on the ground the boundaries of Bulgaria, according to the statutes of Article 6 of the Treaty of San Stefano. The main driving force behind the idea about the commission was Count Ignatyev who aimed at confronting the Western powers with a fait accompli thus hindering their eventual opposition with regard to the establishment of the newly emerged Bulgarian state. Unfortunately, the count’s efforts were not successful – the formation of the commission had been first delayed, and then, postponed indefinitely.

Ключови думи:

Treaty of San Stefano, boundaries of Bulgaria, delimitation commission, Count Ignatyev


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