Деятельность частных инициатив по опеке, развитию и образованию детей в Галичине (первая половина ХХ столетия)

Светлана Лупаренко


The present paper reveals the reasons for the appearance of the activity of private initiatives (public organizations and private individuals) on children tutelage, development and education in Galichina in the first half of the 20th century, as well as their specific features. The activity of the biggest and most active public organizations, such as Mari Druzhiny, Catholic Action, Ukrainian Catholic Unions, Ukrainian regional society of children protection and guardianship of young people, “Native school”, “Regional school union”, and “Enlightenment” is in the focus of the study. The main types of activities of private initiatives address various problems related to preschool education and expansion of the network of preschool establishments; tutelage and guardianship of poor, sick and disadvantaged children and orphans; funding of primary and secondary schools.

Ключови думи:

children, tutelage, development, education, private initiatives


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