Латгальские и селонские вождества в средневековой истории Прибалтики

Я. Пилипчук Националната академия на науките на Украйна

Страници: 365-373


This paper is dedicated to the history of Latgalians and Selonians to the conquest of the Order of the Sword. Latgale before the German conquest were at the level of tribal chiefdoms. Azeglio Talawa Language and manages a number of tribal princes. Latgalian society was militarizated and reached success in battle with the Estonians, but to feel the pressure from Lithuania and Pskov. Talawa and Adzela chiefdoms some time was dependent on Pskov. Koknese was paid tribute Jersika principality, which in turn has been given tribute to the Principality of Polotsk. Koknese and Jersika was typical mixed ethnic composition of population (of the Balts (Latgalians and Selonians) and Slavs (Ruthenians)). Elite of principalities Koknese and Jersika was Slavic. Selonians was relatively young, not old ethnic group. They stood out from the Latgalians in the XII century. Probably Selonian language was a dialect of Latgalian language. The fact that they are almost not enough were noted in the history of the Baltic region can be explained to few and non-warlike Selonians. Selonians territories were disputed between Lithuania and the Teutonic Order, so the Germans needed to forge a document of gift Mindaugas Teutons land Selonia.

Ключови думи:

Selonians, Latgalians, Jersika, Kukenois, Germans, Ruthenians, Lithuanians


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