Археологията в списание „Епохи“

Борис Борисов Великотърновски университет „Св. св. Кирил и Методий“, България

Страници: 154-162


The article is devoted to the archaeological publications in the “Epochs” scientific journal. There are 736 historical, archaeological and ethnological articles, reports and reviews in the published till now volumes, 126 of which examine archaeological problems (17.12%) According to the archaeological periodization, there are three differentiated sections of articles, which belong to the Prehistory, Antiquity and the medieval period. The Antiquity section itself is divided to archaeology, epigraphy and numismatics, and the medieval period – to medieval archaeology, epigraphy, numismatics and sigillogrphy. There are some articles devoted to the Thracian archaeology, which lie in the middle between the prehistoric and the antique archaeology. There are only 7 articles about prehistory and 6 about ancient Thrace. The Antiquity period is considerably well presented – the articles are 28, including the ones devoted to epigraphy and numismatics. The articles and reviews devoted to the medieval archaeology are numerous – 52. Some of them present medieval epigraphical, numismatical and sigillografical cultural monuments. In the end of this article there are some advises given to the editors of the scientific journal. It is pointed out that the avoidance of the marked weak sides of the publications would increase the quality of the magazine and this way the “Epochs” journal would become a real “pride, both for the lecturers in the Tarnovo’s Alma-Mater and the students…”, as written in the site of the journal.

Ключови думи:

Prehistory, Antiquity, medieval period, epigraphy, numismatics, sigillogrphy.


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