Theories of the Grammatical Relation within Appositional Consruction (2. part)

Anton Getsov


This article critically reviews the ways in which the grammatical relation between the units of appositional constructions have been interpreted and conceptualized in Russian linguistics. The paper considers four distinct perspectives, each of which represents a principal claim: 1) Theories based on the traditional view of the grammatical relation; i.e., the appositive and the head are in a hypotactic relationship. 2) Theories proposing that the grammatical relation is coordination. 3) Theories stating that the grammatical relation is neither coordination nor subordination. 4) Theories advancing the view that the grammatical relation has a hybrid nature; i.e., it is a symbiosis of distinctive features both of coordination and subordination. The second part of the paper explores the third and the fourth group of theories.


appositional constructions, appositive, grammatical relation, syntactic links.


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