Additional Comments on Cultural Stereotypes. The Bulgarians Through the Eyes of the Japanese

Magdalena Vassileva


The present article is a sequel to “Cultural Stereotypes. The Image of The Japanese” published in “Proglas”, Vol. 27, No 1, 2018. The aim of the research this time is to present the image of the Bulgarians through the eyes of the Japanese. To do this, we tackled the following tasks: 1) To outline the image of the Bulgarians reflected in Japanese media; 2) To present the image of the Bulgarians that Japanese students have prior to visiting Veliko Tarnovo University (VTU); 3) To find out how this image changes after the visit and after the direct contact between Bulgarian and Japanese students. The author comments on the cultural (national) stereotypes concerning Bulgarians with regard to their content, their assessment and the reasons for their formation.


cultural stereotype, positive stereotype, negative stereotype, Bulgarians, Japanese.


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