Fantastically and Phantasmagoria in the Context of the Romantic Tradition

Boris Minkov


The present study attempts to abandon the genre-related discussion of the fantastic. For this purpose, it develops a working concept of phantasmagoria: image projection of cognitive universalia which have been frozen after passing throught the prism of the ironic turn. To trace the various characteristics of the phantasmagorical, the article provides examples from the work of Е. T. A. Hoffmann, Clemens Brentano, Wilhelm Hauff and Heinrich Heine. In relation to the romantic tradition of phantasmagoria after the 19th century, it discusses Stanisіaw Lem’s The Star Diaries. An essential point in the study is the contention that phantasmagoria is unrelated to the ‘realistic art-unrealistic art’ opposition.


Phantasmagoria; Romantic era; Ironical turn; Novella as casus.


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