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Честване на традиционни календарни празници в живота на българските мигранти в Пекин

Теодора Йонкова Великотърновски университет „Св. св. Кирил и Методий“, България

Страници: 357-360


This work is a part of much broader and extensive research. The data was collected on the field, namely Beijing, by observing and interviewing Bulgarians residing in the city for different period of their lives. The current work briefly points out some cultural differences between China and Bulgaria and the way they affect the celebration of several traditional Bulgarian holidays, e.g. Christmas Eve, Easter etc. The most notable difference can be observed in the ways of preparing certain cuisines, the products (meat, vegetables, white cheese etc.) which the Chinese market offers to the customers as well as their quality or even their lack of. Another factor that influences the ways of celebration is whether the migrants have moved to Beijing alone or with their families or relatives. In the first case a close circle of friends takes on the role of the family. The work concludes with that the Chinese culture rarely influences the celebration of Bulgarian traditional holidays and they are comparatively preserved in the form they exist in back in Bulgaria

Ключови думи:

Cultural differences, Bulgarian traditional holidays, Beijing, food, family, circle of friends.


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