Socio-Economic Analysis, 2015 / Vol 7 / Issue 1

Journal Articles

For and Against The Joint Entrepreneurial Activity
Aneta Deneva Ивайло Костов
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Corporate Social Responsibility: Business’s Contribution to Sustainable Development
Aneta Deneva Mariyana Lyubenova
(downloads 436 since 12/7/2016)

Demography Problems and Economic Security
Goran Angelov
(downloads 369 since 12/7/2016)

The Contemporary Application of Franchising Through The Perspective of The Classic Franchise Theories
Iskra Panteleeva Marinela Vakinova-Petrova
(downloads 212 since 12/7/2016)

Corporate Culture and Corporate Social Responsibility
Yanitsa Dimitrova
(downloads 351 since 12/7/2016)

Improving The Working Conditions in Business Organizations in Bulgaria
Viliana Trendafilova Plamena Tursunska
(downloads 146 since 12/7/2016)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Communication Channels in The Tourism Sector
Dragomira Petrova Ivan Ivanov
(downloads 182 since 12/7/2016)

Rural Tourism in Silistra District
Nikoleta Peneva
(downloads 147 since 12/7/2016)

The Need for Tourist Police
Stefani Valeva
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For the Authors
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